Zielke, Rainer

Prof. Dr Rainer Zielke has been writing scientific books and articles for many decades and has taught scientific writing for many years. He is an author and professor for business administration, in particu-lar international business taxation and Norwegian tax law at Østfold University College in Hal-den/Norway. After graduating from high school, he studied finance at the North Rhine-Westphalia Uni-versity of Applied Sciences in Nordkirchen, graduating with a degree in finance; Studied business ad-ministration at the Westphalian Wilhelm University in Münster, graduating with a Dipl.-Kaufmann de-gree, doctoral student with Prof. Dr Wilhelm H. Wacker at the Georg-August University of Göttingen; Promotion to Dr rer. pol. in 2000; after a professorship in Bremen since 2008 at Østfold University College in Halden/Norway; upgraded to professor there in 2011. Email: rainer.zielke@hiof.no; home page: www.fag.hiof.no/~rainerz.